How to earn from writing at

Write and publish your own articles

You can write an article, publish it for free at and start receiving income from Google Adsense ads on it. You can have as much as 75% of all ads impressions from your article pages. Plus, you get a direct link to your website from the article page. See Rules to know who can participate and what can be published.

No time or desire to write a unique article?

Then you can write an original summary or review to an article which you borrow from other sources, such as blogs, forums, article directories, or our built-in article base (accessible in your Account, with suggested articles, which contains over 100,000 articles on various topics.

Or you can write a comment

Found an article at which you liked or disliked? Write a meaningful and interesting comment to it, and you will be getting a share of all ads impressions which it shows. The more articles you comment on, the more is your income.

To reach maximum revenue from your article

You can PROMOTE your article in the web and increase the ads percentage that belongs to you up to 75% just by adding one link from an external website. Add it to a blog you have, or another article elsewhere, and your share of ads on this page is automatically increased to a maximum of 75%.