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What can be published

We view all our writers and contributors as the most welcomed and valuable colleagues. Our goal is to get you a reward for your efforts, skills and knowledge. For this purpose, we collected some piece of advice, which can maximize your revenues from your pages.

Advice No. 1 - quality of content

The most valuable product you, as an author, is contributing to our website, and, in the end, to the readers, is the Content. Content may include articles, stories, reviews and/or comments to the existing Content. Articles, first of all, must be original, even though they can be copied from other sources. Also, translations of articles published elsewhere, or even here in other languages, would be most welcomed. Secondly, articles should be meaningful and interesting. They are all subject to the moderation process before publishing, and articles containing no or little meaning will not get proper place in the system and, therefore, will yield little profit to you.

Advice No. 2 - what can be published

Anything that can be interesting to the global audience and what is allowed on this website. This may include an article on a scientific topic, medical or employment advice, your personal opinion about an event, your experience from a trip, or a solution to a problem, for example, with computer software or your auto. Also, you can write your comments about existing articles someone else had already written for this site. Or, you can publish translations of such materials in your own language (if the language is available in the system.)

Advice No. 3 - what cannot be published

You cannot publish the following:
  • Copyrighted content, logos or trademarks that are used without permission. Use of branded items (logos/trademarks) must be approved by the brand owners.
  • Any content that is illegal under applicable local law, obscene, or indecent.
  • Any content that contemplates harm against a person or animal.
  • Any content that is defamatory, libelous, slanderous, or threatening.
  • Any content that advocates discrimination, hatred, or violence based on considerations of race, ethnicity, national origin, language, gender, age, disability, status as a veteran, religion, sexual orientation or expression, or that promotes organizations devoted to that purpose.
  • Any content that facilitates or promotes, whether directly or indirectly, the illegal (under applicable local law) or excessive sale or use of drugs.
  • Any adult materials.
  • Any content of a sexual nature depicting children or animals.
  • Any content that instructs users how to make bombs or weapons, drugs, or solicits involvement in behavior that is violent or illegal under applicable local law.
  • Unauthorized use of another entity's intellectual property, including but not limited to: software, music, art, and other copyrighted, trademarked or patented materials or trade secrets.
  • Any content that facilitates or promotes underage drinking, consumption of illegal drugs, or socially irresponsible behavior due to alcohol or drug consumption (e.g., drinking and driving).
  • Any content that depicts violence or cruelty to humans or animals, or pain/suffering of humans or animals.
  • Glorification of crimes against humanity such as genocide and torture.
  • Any content with the excessive use of profanity or adult language.