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How to win 500 dollars for articles

Publish at least 10 articles to claim $500
In order to become eligible for the prize, you must submit and publish at least 10 articles here. See below the requirements applied to the articles.

1. Article text must be unique and original which means it was not published or borrowed from elsewhere on the Web.
2. Article Intro must be unique, and not a copy-paste from the article itself.
3. The article must be written in correct language, without grammar or spelling errors.
4. The articles must be at least 400 words in length.
5. The articles must be in line with general requirements described here.

Timing and rules
The prize is awarded on last day of each month to the author who is on top of the Top Authors List. To get the prize, you need to have at least 10 published unique articles. Authors with more published articles (if more than 10) have an advantage. Authors with higher quality published articles have an advantage in ranking. The final decision to whom the prize should go remains solely with us.

The prize can be awarded to the Top Author only once. If the same Author remains first on Top Authors list during the next cycle, the prize remains unclaimed until a new author gets to the top of the list. The winner's Author's profile shows 'Winner of Top Authors $500' sign, so that the writers community is aware who and when wins the prize.

Important note: This site allows you to publish articles which are not unique or original. For such articles you can write a unique Intro and title and get published to earn your Adsense income. Such articles, even published, WILL NOT allow you to participate in the Top Author $500 contest. You need to have at least 10 fully unique articles to participate.

When the prize is awarded, we will contact you to let you know that you are the winner, and will request from you in correspondence how the money should be paid. Currently available methods of payment are via bank wire or PayPal.