Learning foreign languages is still a difficult thing unless you live in the country where it is spoken. Constant practicing is the key to success. How0.com offers a 100% free Word/Phrase Reminder which allows you to fix and refresh foreign words and phrases in your memory in an easy and inobtrusive way.

This is an excellent tool that reminds you words and phrases that you encounter in your daily activities, while watching movies or reading articles, forums and blogs on the Internet. All you need is to save the word for future use. Then you learn naturally, as you only record and refresh words which you did not know so far.

The system is flexible, you can record and receive a word/phrase reminder in any language. You can set the time period to receive email reminders; this feature regulates the intensity of your learning process.

You may also choose to receive sets of words/phrases established by other people using this feature.

Good news!!!
Like anything you here, your Word/Phrases sets can earn you some money. They are all published on the Internet, along with Google Adsense advertising next to it, and when visitors click on the ads, you earn some money. So, there is a dual benefit: you learn and earn at the same time.