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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Suggested Articles?

In addition to articles that you can write yourself, we provide an opportunity to use articles written by somebody else. There is a database of articles in your account. All you need to do is to read the article, create its unique title, choose the Category and Subcategory, then copy-paste the article from the database. To improve the article popularity and visibility, you can also write a short Intro text for this article. This will make it more interesting, useful and, ultimately, earn you more money. See more detais about article suggestions here.

What is the share of Google Ads I get when I write an article here?

The ratio is not permanent: initially, when you are a new writer, you get 45% of all impressions on the article page you wrote. The other 45% are shown for How0.com. The rest of 10% is distributed among the authors who contributed comments to your article. See the diagram below:

Initial ad impressions distribution

Can I increase my share of ads?

Yes. There are two methods, through which you can increase your share of ads.

Method 1 - improving your status
Write more articles and/or comments. By writing and publishing, your improve your status, and automatically increase your share of ads shown on all your pages. At the top status level, you will be receiving as much as 75% of all ad impressions on ALL YOUR PAGES.

Method 2 - build a link to your article page
Promote your article page by building an external link to it. Each article page to which you provide at least one link from an external website will generate you as much as 75% of all ads regardless of your status. This has an effect on a SPECIFIC ARTICLE PAGE ONLY. To improve your page performance and revenues we recommend that you publish links to it on your own website(s), forums or blogs which you visit, in web directories, or wherever possible. This will bring more visitors to read your article, and icrease your earnings.

See details how to promote your article inside your account, under Articles Section.

Improved ad impressions distribution

How does my status help?

Your status depends on the number of quality articles you have published. There are five possible statuses:

  • newbie (less than 10 articles) = 45% of ad impressions
  • desk jockey (under 20 articles) = 57% of ad impressions
  • freelancer (under 50 articles) = 63% of ad impressions
  • writer (under 99 articles) = 69% of ad impressions
  • guru (over 99 articles) = 75% of ad impressions

  • The status makes an effect on ALL YOUR ARTICLE PAGES and improves your earning chances.

    What is Undefined Category?

    When you are not sure to which category your article belongs, just indicate Undefined/Undefined. Our moderators will decide for you and place it in the best category.