Benefits for writers and participants

  • Registration and participation is 100% free.

  • Anyone who can participate in Google Adsense may write articles and receive income. There are no national or regional limitations.

  • When you publish an article, review/summary or a comment to an article at, you become a beneficiary who receives revenues generated by advertising on this website, or more specifically, on your articles pages. In your member account, you provide your Publisher ID (see Google Adsense). This ID can be received when you register with Adsense. When your article and advertising are viewed, your ads generate your income when visitors click on the ads.

  • You can have as much as 75% of all ad impressions on your pages. See our FAQ to learn how to improve your performance and increase earnings.

  • Write as many articles or comments as you like. The more you write, the more you get.

  • You don't actually have to write an article. Use over 100,000 articles in our built-in directory to write a review or brief summary. Done! Your article page is ready. You don't have to be an expert in the area the article discusses. Read more about article suggestions to know how to add reviews or summaries.

  • You can advertise your own website on your article pages or in the comments to articles through a direct link to your resource.

  • You can have a direct (rel=follow) link to your website, with meaningful link text, after you have added at least two articles in This link is published in your Author's Profile.