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What are article suggestions?

Our database contains hundreds of thousands of articles that various authors wrote for various purposes at different times. Most of them have been heavily published in major ezines, and as such, would have little value to you if you just copy-paste them into your article pages. Such articles need a little more work to be added to become your source of income. See below how to use this huge source of knowledge to earn you money.

Adding a new title
The first thing you should do when you use a suggested database article as a source of your page, is to change its heading or title. The title is something that best reflects the subject of your page, and you would definitely want your page to be unique and different from other pages. Design your own title by rewording the title from the suggested article and add more spice and meaty keywords. Try to be concise and to the point. Remember: the right title on your page is 50% of success.

Adding an introductory text
An introduction, summary or review are something that make different from other paid article websites. Because you write a summary, you DON'T need to write an article! Moreover, you don't even need to be an expert in the area! Just read the suggested article and tell people in the Intro what it is about, what you liked, what ideas were new, good or not so good. Liked the language? Say it! Give your own and unique opinion. Then let the reader go through the article if your summary was attractive and enticing enough. The summary that you write is your own unique content, probably, the only piece of such literature across entire Web!

Choose category and subcategory
This part may seem a bit tricky, as there are hundreds of subcats in to choose from. Still, placing your article in the right category and subcategory will improve chances that visitors find it easily, and enhance its popularity and earnings. If you cannot find the appropriate category, use the Undefined Category, which is specifically designed for this purpose. Our editors will choose the right Category for you.