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What is Google Adsense

The world largest internet company, Google, has offered owners of websites, webmasters and authors all around the world a great opportunity to have a permanent source of income from websites and pages with rich content. The system is simple but genial: the advertisement shown on web pages is context-based, that is, it is provided according to the topic of the page. So, if your page is about hotels in Madrid, Google will provide paid advertising from businesses engaged in Madrid hotel reservations.

What is needed to participate in Google Adsense

You need to create a Google Account first. Along with Adsense, you will be able to reach a great number of other Google services, such as Gmail, a free web-based email service, or AdWords, through which you can publish your own paid advertising on the Internet.

After the Adsense registration is complete, in its My Account Section you will be given a code, which looks like


This is what you need to add into the Ad codes section inside your account. This code will be then displayed as advertising on your contributed pages, be it articles or comments to articles. Every click of a visitor on such advertising will earn you a certain amount, ranging from 1 cent to 1 dollar, depending on the subject of the article, rate of competition in this sector, etc.

Important!!! Please, read carefully and remember!!!
What you cannot do with Adsense, is to fraudulently click on your own advertising. This is a way to nowhere. First, it is a fraud, and fraud is bad. Secondly, Google will catch you, sooner or later. In this sad case, your account will be suspended, all earnings frozen, and your personal data included in a black list, preventing you from participation in Adsense in the future.

Again, it is NOT WORTH doing this. A much more profitable and long-lasting opportunity is to contribute lots of fresh and interesting content and earn your money honestly.