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B2b Social

by Art Lover
When I joined this article directory only a couple of months ago, I wrote several articles about Art. To say the truth, I did not expect any income, because from my experience, other paid article directories pay only 1-2 dollars per article, and not all articles are even accepted, especially for low paying Art category. With How0.com it was all different experience. What I see from my Adsense statistics is very encouraging! Just two of my article have generated around 5 dollars during one day! Impressed. There is obviously potential here.

by Mara
I have a website of my own, webamatics.com, and I was struggling to earn money on it for several months. No luck, probably I did something wrong. This was totally different here. My first webmastering article is earning as much as 0.50 cents per click on the average... I could not imagine this was possible! I am having about 100 visitors per day hitting on my pages (as I can see from ad sense impressions) and i hope to reach the earning level of 10 dollars per day very soon.

Our paid articles directory is designed for writers who wish to get paid for sharing their knowledge, experiences or ideas through writing meaningful and useful articles and how-to guides or comments on various topics. The topics may be politics, economy and business, science, computers, culture, travel, or virtually any theme interesting to the global audience or a local community.

You can work from home and write articles, reviews or summaries to someone else's articles and earn from shared advertising on your pages. See below what benefits you get.
Earn from writing
Establish a lifetime source of income by writing content at How0.com. You will earn from shared advertising such as Adsense, placed at your article pages. You can have up to 75% of impressions, the most profitable ratio you can find on the Web.
Paid articles and reviews
Writing paying articles could never be easier. We created a number of tools to help you write and publish your article in minutes. The built-in directory contains over 100,000 articles on all possible topics that you can use. Participation is 100% free!
Built-in article directory
You actually DON'T EVEN NEED to write an article by yourself. You can write a brief review or summary for an article someone else wrote. Don't have to be an expert: just write your opinion about an article or ideas it duscusses, underline its strengths or weaknesses. Ready! Now your content will start earning you money.
Advertise your website
An additional benefit you get from publishing articles at How0.com is promotion of your website. You have a direct link from every article page to your own website. The more popular your article is the more visitors come to see other interesting content you have. Also, your website search engine ranking benefits from such direct links.
Article Promotion
Promote your article yourself! By establishing links to your article page you improve your ad impression ratio. Also, your page gets more visitors because it ranks better in search engines, and brings more best quality visitors really interested to read it. So, you earn more!
Article Ranking
Better quality articles with original content are ranked closer to the top of our directory, and, therefore, get more Pagerank, more visibility and generate more earnings. This ranking process is done automatically, and all you need to worry about is that your article has unique content.

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